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Our Goal

For 2011, through the rapid deployment of investment capital and the development of proprietary technologies,,...

Mission Statement

Through our subsidiaries, joint ventures and business partners, we will continue to...

Strategic Alignment

Onteco Corporation and its subsidiary, NexPhase Lighting, Inc., (“NexPhase”) are committed to the formation of...

about onteco

about onteco

Onteco Corporation is focused on the investment in, and the development of, proprietary technologies that target alternative energy marketplaces domestically and globally.

Its current investment focus is within the Energy Saving Lighting Industry.  As a result it acquired NexPhase Lighting, Inc., in February 2011.

NexPhase Lighting, Inc. is a designer and developer of proprietary high quality LED (light-emitting diode) lighting fixtures and control systems for commercial applications. It believes its products will be the lowest cost, highest efficacy fixtures available in the LED Lighting Industry.  All NexPhase lighting products incorporate its proprietary “NexSense Technology TM”, which provides benefits well beyond the generally acknowledged advantages of all other LED lighting fixtures.   NexSense control systems use a unique, “patent pending’ wireless protocol, which provides for an unsurpassed reduction in architecture and infrastructure installation cost in commercial applications, as well as significantly reduced maintenance and ongoing operation costs.

Onteco Corporation believes that the proprietary technologies and intellectual property of NexPhase represent our potential for rapid entry into the domestic and global markets focused on the energy saving lighting, with the potential for immediate, sustainable revenue growth, cash flows and high return on investment.

Going forward, Onteco Corporation will continue to seek opportunities that represent rapid revenue generation and sustainable competitive advantage in areas of alternative energy generation and energy savings.

Onteco Corporation is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “ONTC”, and within the OTCQB market tier.  As such, Business, operational and financial information on Onteco Corporation is fully transparent and available to public view.  Visit for more information.